There are so many temptations in a kitchen. The delicious white fresh bread, the packaged naughty vegan treats, fizzy drinks and the list goes on. Trust me have i been tempted... no one will see me for 3 weeks i'll burn it off... no this is where mistakes turn into habits. If you go into it head strong and make a conscious decision to be sensible and have things in moderation then you can't go wrong. 

I've struggled with this where i have previously gone all day without eating and then gone straight to the kitchen late at night and pick the first thing i fancy in that moment. Most likely some naughty treats. This is because im craving sugar due to lack of food consumption through out the day. Schedule your eating times so that you can eliminate that temptation.  

Make sure you have a rough idea as to what you want so that it takes stress away from picking something. LOTS OF WATER. I've decided to start drinking a lot more water because my skin was getting quite bad, but i've also noticed that my digestion has improved and also my hunger has been suppressed, so i don't feel as hungry between meals. 

Take a moment before you grab a treat ...

Take those extra couple of seconds to really look at the options you have in front of you. It makes you be present in the moment and makes it more likely that you'll choose a healthier option. 

 Take a second... 

Make this lockdown your time to make the right choices and to change your way of living.