Fitness at home. Well i can tell you its not easy. I tend to workout at a gym normally so this is a massive change. But creative. Its hard to stay positive when your workout space is also where you chill out, but this is where your drive needs to be accelerated. look at it this way, people make excuses all year, they can't go to the gym because or work or because they're too tired. well now there is minimal work, no one is going to a public gym and also i don't think you can be too tired whilst in quarantine. We are all in the same starting position and we can all move through it together. 

I've decided because it's now the 2nd week into lockdown that i need a routine. I need something to do when i wake up. So i've created a plan. I've even scheduled my breakfast, this has also helped me to pick a healthier option. Make yourself a plan. Schedule your workout fairly close to when you wake up, so it's not hanging over you for the rest of the day. If you do this is where excuses come into play.