Mental Health is such a big thing nowadays and so it should be. It affects many and can take lives. The stresses of everyday life can start to become overwhelming and it feels like there is no escape. 

I dealt with anxiety for a long time now due to past situations i've gone through, i know what its like to feel like there isn't a way out or there wont be someone that knows what it feels like. But i was wrong, mental health is such a common think now just like having a cold. 

I wouldn't say you can overcome mental health but you can find ways of dealing with your struggles. A lot of my struggles came from appearance. Throughout my school years i have been at my worst and i felt trapped and felt that i was lying to others about what i was really going through. 

Everyday was a battle. Each day was the same, the same worries and same uncomfortable situations. I used to make as many excuses as possible to avoid not eating or leaving a social situation. I became my worst self, i didn't like what i seeing anymore and something needed to change. 

I sat down with my parents and told them i was really struggling and i needed help and support. They were so supportive and acted on it straight away. I was emitted to a health clinic where i was seeing nutritionist, therapists and also a lady who would weigh me and give me regular check ups, blood-tests, heart rate monitors and also measurements to track my progress.  

I was there for a good 6 months and i'm not going to lie but it was the hardest time for me. I used to hate it. Every-time i walked in and was waiting to see someone i felt like there was something wrong with me. I used to cry at every session when the talks got uncomfortable and i shut down it was a tough time but its made me stronger and the person i am today. 

In the last couple of months of treatment i was getting better, i had a structure in place and all of my family were aware of it. I was told i had to do it all on my own and that my parents are just there for moral support. i had to make my own choices about what i wanted to eat so that i it became less daunting overtime. 

To this day, i still use this structure. It's how i stay on track and not slip back into old habits. Yes of course i have bad days and those thoughts are just too overpowering for me to overcome on my own but i share that with someone so that i get that extra support i need to get through the day better then i would on my own. It's all about being true to yourself, if you're struggle, say something . If you are happy share it with others.